Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical, and Dye Intermediate PCT/OCT and Its Downstream Products


Colorless transparent liquid with special smell, can dissolve in alcohol, ether, benzene, slightly soluble in water. Specific gravity: 1.0697, melting point: 7.2 ℃, boiling point 162 ℃.
This product is an organic synthetic material, used in medicine, pesticide, dye, etc.. It has many derivatives. Produce right-chlorobenzyl chloride, chlorobenzene, methanol, benzyl for Cypermethrin, right-chlorobenzaldehyde, chlorobenzoic acid, 2,4 - dichloro toluene, 2,4 - dichlorobenzene aldehyde, fenvalerate, sterilization agent.
【Quality index】
Top Order High grade Grade Qualified
Purity (%) ≥ 99.7 99.5 99.3
Other Chlorotoluene (%) ≤ 0.3 0.5 0.7
Density (20℃)g/cm3 1.070-1.075
Moisture (%)≤ 0.05
Non-volatile (%)≤ 0.02
【Toxicity and Protection】
This product is toxic to the respiratory tract with damage, eye, nose and a stimulating effect, avoid direct contact with their hands, non-enclosed places to wear protective equipment.