Advanced Material Maleic Anhydride, Phthalic Anhydride and Its Downstream Products

Hydrolyzed Polymaleic Acid

The product is made as per the following steps: dissolving maleic anhydride into reverse osmosis water to from maleic acid; dropping an end-capped reagent into the formed maleic acid, controlling the dropping speed and time to form maleic acid with a closed end; adding the obtained maleic acid into a catalyst, dropping hydrogen peroxide during the reaction, controlling the polymerization temperature, the dropping speed and the polymerization time, and reacting and generating a semi-finished hydrolyzed polymaleic acid; thermally insulating the generated semi-finished hydrolyzed polymaleic acid for 120 minutes at a temperature of 100℃; and finally preparing the required end-capped hydrolyzed polymaleic acid. (The product includes phosphorus and phosphate-free) 1.0697,溶点:7.2℃,沸点162℃。
【Advantages and usages】
it has good effect of inhibiting water scale generation, peeling oil scale and dispersing, and good scale inhibiting effect on carbonate and phosphate and can be used as textile bleaching lotions in a textile system, dye dispersants, dye leveling agents, washing chelators, special ink binding agents, animal feed additives, and the like due to shallow appearance color.